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Old 01-04-2006, 04:17 PM
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im still speachless about this all, Steve was an awsome dude as a friend and a person I remeber being at davis when he towed that trailer in behind his sami and saying "to boldy tow where chevys have rolled before" Steve you will be greatly missed and never forgoten, see you on the other side brother.

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Old 01-04-2006, 04:25 PM
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i wish i could have known him. it's very touching to hear from all his friends and how much they cared about him. R.I.P.
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Old 01-04-2006, 04:43 PM
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you'll be in our hearts and memories forever...its been a pleasure to have met and been able to have shared some great moments'll be missed by everyone...sincerely myself, Rob, and Lucky.
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Old 01-04-2006, 05:05 PM
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Now I see what FIBC is about
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my regards I've just met him short time ago that"s to bad were all here for the passenger
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Old 01-04-2006, 06:07 PM
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I'm saddened to hear he was a member of FIBC. Condolences to his family. Our thoughts are with you.

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Old 01-04-2006, 06:38 PM
wonderland wonderland is offline
Having FUN IN B.C.
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I'm sorry to hear the loss,my Condolences to his family and all of you that new him..

78 landcruiser,straight 6,4 speed,full roll cage,new metal tub,8000 pound Ramsey 150 ft of line..thats all 4 now,no plates yet,lincoln locks shot gun rider.
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Old 01-04-2006, 08:13 PM
pilsburry pilsburry is offline
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It kinda hits home when a guy thinks back on all the close calls he has, and how lucky we are that it hasn't happened to us. Hopefully we can all learn from what has happened and respect life, and how easy it is to lose it. My condolences go out to all that knew him.
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Old 01-04-2006, 09:29 PM
importeater importeater is offline
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I'm pretty much just an occaisonal lurker on this site, but I can't just skip over this one.

My condolences to the family - but my thoughts are with all of you who knew him.

This just reinforces that you guys truly are a great group that really cares about their own. Best wishes during these tough times.
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Old 01-04-2006, 09:40 PM
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Another really nice pic of Steve.... This was taken in April at Stave.

Image Insert:


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Old 01-04-2006, 09:46 PM
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HEAVY METAL bad newbie
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fuk he loved his lil truck...



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Old 01-04-2006, 10:10 PM
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Been holden off---becouse I cant type how much this sucks,See ya one day Steve

Your full of shit!!!

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Old 01-04-2006, 10:13 PM
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quote:Originally posted by HEAVY METAL

fuk he loved his lil truck...

you can say that again, man even when he came threw aircare he sat in the passanger seat while the inspector drove his vehicle, he was smiling like he was a little kid at disneyland going on his first ride

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Old 01-04-2006, 10:33 PM
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I never got the opportunity to meet Steve but was told by Metallica1 that on the last hot tub run they spent a couple hours in the tubs just yakking about the crazy stuff they had planned for their trucks, the different places that they would like to travel to and just generally getting to know a bit about each other. Through Metallica1's and the rest of posts I feel that I got to know Steve a little bit better. He will be missed lots and both myself and Metallica1 will do our best to join the rest of the group for the run on Sunday to pay our final respects.

RIP Steve

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Old 01-04-2006, 11:54 PM
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A post I made on wickidmachines (interior)... i'd like to also post here for those unable to attend sundays memorial. A lil'comfort maybe.

I know most of you, if any, wontl be able to attend. But we felt this information should be sent throughout the community. I think he's more well known than he ever thought.

We will be having a second memorial site erected and will try and keep y'all informed with more notice, incase anyone does want to attend.

I believe he knows and feels the sorrow and condolences wherever you are and that he's still watching over us, and I'll bet he's still bombing around in his sami...

77 K5 - Big, Black, BROKE, Ugly But All Mine

Its Lifted ... and Fat Chicks CAN Climb.
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Old 01-05-2006, 01:57 AM
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Now I see what FIBC is about
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Reading all these posts I wiped the tears from my eyes for a man I never met but feel I knew all my life. Its seems like if you knew Steve for years or just an hour you had yourself a good friend maybe even a brother. I cant say how sad it is to hear of such a major lost. My heart goes out to his family and friends who I am sure there are 100s.

RIP Steve

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