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Events debriefing (pics) Post pictures and talk about and your adventures.

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Old 03-30-2015, 08:46 PM
Yager Yager is offline
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Thumbs up Epic spring break roadtrip

2 weeks, 8000 km, 3 National Parks, 1 State Park, Countless small towns and National Forests all while stuffed in a home on wheels with all 6 of us. Took 822 pics and whittled it down to 360 (but will spare you 2/3rds of them )

Our plan had been to leave here after school on the 13th and drive to Twin Falls, ID in 2 days. Spend a whole day and 2 nights there and then take 2 days to drive to the Grand Canyon, where we were to stay for 8 days then reverse the plan home. After 3 days in G.C. I think Ryan finally had enough of my panicking and yelling at the kids while near cliffs and decided to change our plans- so we headed up for a surprise detour to Moab for 3 days, then carried on back to Twin Falls for the proper plan home.

Snake River at Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho

little lake above the falls

First stop, first day at the Grand Canyon (desertview stop)

cant totally tell exactly how small and extraordinarily high up this point is with a photo, but you can probably tell how my kid is sitting how he feels about it (and it was taken by one of my other kids cuz I couldnt look )

to give Ryan a break from my hysterics over kids and high up places (dude seriously deserves a medal for dealing with me sometimes ) We did some other sight seeing and driving around. Found random bits of Route 66, some mines and a ghost town

old mine

Old piece of Route 66 in Bellemont

Info board at a portion of Route 66 in Parks, Az (where we darn near got stuck in a place we werent supposed to be )

Stopped and checked out a ghost town called Two Guns. Was a tourist trap in the Route 66 heyday (even had a zoo!) Some more modern buildings stand from attempts to resuscitate the town, but it died out and went to the wayside.

the backside of the zoo

and the front

At the Grand Canyon Deer Farm (a petting zoo with deer galore)

Random dirt road sunset pic just outside of the G.C. National park

More canyon shots... rather amazing that in all the pics I managed to not look like I had been/was about to start crying (seriously a medal, or lots of beer)

Ryan sitting on the edge dangling his feet (pics never do it justice)

And Ryan walking out on a narrow strip of a pillar

Only YOU can prevent forest fires


From here we left and went up to Moab

Arches National Park

Rush hour in Moab

Gemini Bridges

Shafer's Switchbacks section of the White Rim Trail (left the trail shortly after the switchbacks for Potash Rd trail) I managed to get down this trail without crying, but I couldnt look for most of it. The road was PHENOMENAL. Words can not describe it. Pictures cant describe it... really just have to experience it for yourself. Not included is a pic of the fellow we had to winch out of the ditch (Ryan gave me crap for no pics ) He had to back up as there was no room to pass and didnt pay attention. Just glad he went off the ditch side and not the cliff side.

where we came from

Potash Rd including mandatory poser pics at the Colorado river at the bottom/end of the trail

Lockhart Canyon (including a small portion of Lockhart Basin which we didnt have time/truck/fuel to finish)
Newspaper Rock

Needles District including first .5 km of Elephant Hill (also didnt complete)

Back in Idaho in the Twin Falls area (Hagerman to be exact). Malad Gorge State Park- Devils Washbowl

View from our campsite at 1000 Springs RV. The morning we left the wind was blowing so hard that it actually blew streams of the falls back over the top edge.

It was an AMAZING trip. For all my belly aching and whining I am happy I saw the Grand Canyon- it was pretty cool; However, I wish I could have spent the whole two weeks at Moab. There was NO shortage of things to see. Around every corner was something new. So many dirt roads and trails to run. A lot of it we couldnt do based on a couple factors we couldnt change. Having the kids (and even me) with Ryan makes him not do at least 3/4ths of the things he could do. Then the fact that we never had another vehicle to go with us (or a proper spotter- someone who actually knows how to read a road and drive). Lastly, our truck. It is a very capable truck, but a very large one . And kinda pricey, not really interested in rolling/squishing/bashing it. So yeah, so much that was out there was to be left unseen- THIS TIME. Hoping there will be another time... one without the kidlings, and if we dont have something to take offr0ad Im sure we can find something we can rent.
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Old 03-30-2015, 08:57 PM
Lieutenant Johnson Lieutenant Johnson is offline
Blame it on my A.d.D
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Lieutenant Johnson bad newbie
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wow! Awesome pics thanks for sharing your adventure Cant wait to take the little one down the coast
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Old 03-30-2015, 11:14 PM
harvester_sorrow's Avatar
harvester_sorrow harvester_sorrow is offline
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harvester_sorrow Good newbie
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that looks like a deadly switch back

maybe soap box derby car???
Taking golf carts where they don't belong
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Old 03-31-2015, 07:20 AM
neumonic neumonic is offline
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neumonic Good newbie
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Thanks for sharing
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Old 03-31-2015, 07:52 AM
Honky's Avatar
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winter camping give me a
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Honky bad newbie
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Looks likes a great family adventure!! Did you tow the truck behind the Motorhome?
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Old 03-31-2015, 10:39 AM
Yager Yager is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2010
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Yager Good newbie
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Oh my gosh those switchbacks. Still have nightmares. On one of them you totally lost sight of the road- thought for sure it would be a 3 point turn to get around it.

Honky, it was a great adventure An experience I'll never forget. And yup, the truck was towed!
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Old 03-31-2015, 07:10 PM
Trailjunkie's Avatar
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loosing pavement gives me a
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awesome pics thanks for sharing. nice rv set up also
father junkie abidesTEAM HEEPS !
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Old 03-31-2015, 11:19 PM
gecko gecko is offline
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gecko Unknown Newbie
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awesome pics, thanks for sharing. if you have seen my posts,da wife and I do the same kind of trips every year. going again in October for 7 weeks. your pics just fired me up. arches rocks!
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Old 04-01-2015, 06:03 PM
Yager Yager is offline
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Join Date: Apr 2010
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Yager Good newbie
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the whole area rocked. I just loved how every corner you went around was something different (unlike the g.c. where every lookout seemed the same to me) And 7 weeks eh? Will likely be a couple decades before I'll have that kind of time, but hoping that plan will work out for us too
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Old 04-02-2015, 12:14 AM
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Man thats gorgeous pics. If u only posted 2/3 can u post more. I gotta go travellin down there.
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