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Jokes Jokes Jokes Any kind of jokes are good but no x-rated when in doubt put those in the access room

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Old 12-22-2011, 03:45 PM
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christmas in da hood a poem

De Night Fo Crizmus

Wuz da night bfo Crizmus, and all thru da hood,
everybody be sleepin and be sleepin real good.
We hunged up our stockins, an hoped like all heck,
dat dear Ol' Obama's, gunna brang us our checks.

All of da family, was lyin on da flo,
my sister wif her gurlfrien, and my brotha wif sum ho.
Ashtrays wuz all full, empty beer cans and all,
when I heared such a fuss, I thunk...."Shit, it must be da law".
I pulled da sheet off da winda, and what I could see,
I was spectin' the sherrif, wif a warrent fo me.

But what did I see, made me say, "Laaawd look at dat".
dere was a huge watamelon, pulled by 8 big-ass rats.
Now over all of da years, Santy Claws he be white,
but it looks like us brothas, got a black un tonight.

Faster than a po-lice car, my homeboy he came,
and whupped up on dem rats, as he called dem by name.
On Biden, On Jessie, On Polosi and Hillary Who
On Fannie, On Freddi, On Ayers, and Slick Willy too.

Obama landed dat melon, right dere in a bit,
I knowed it fo sho, - can you believe dat shit?

Dat Santy didn't need no chimley, he picked da lock on my do,
an I sez to myself, "Son o' bitch...he dun did dis befo!"

He had a big bag, full of presents - at first I suspeck,
Wif "Air Jordans" and fake gold, to wear roun my neck.

But he lef me no presents, just started stealin my shit.
He got my guns and my crack, and my new burglers kit.

Den, wif my crap in his bag, out da winda he flew,
I sho woulda shanked him, be he snagged my knife too.

He jumped back on dat melon, wif out even a hitch,
and waz gone in two seconds, "Democrat son of a bitch".

So nex year I be hopin, a white Santy we git,
'cause dat black Santy Claws, just ain't wurf a shit!!!!

Originally Posted by Happypants
do you want this thread deleted?
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Old 12-22-2011, 05:02 PM
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. love it !!
Shake What Ur Momma gave Ya
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Old 12-22-2011, 08:58 PM
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That was hard to read for my white ass ,
Originally Posted by pudge
try to keep up spongebob, you're sucking his dick, whilest Mrs Tuna jams herself and Jerm watches
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Old 12-23-2011, 04:06 PM
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Lmao thats good
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Old 12-23-2011, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Happypants View Post
That was hard to read for my white ass ,
was a gooder tho
'92 S10 D44/9", 8" XJ coils james duff arms chevy 63's and 37" boggers
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