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Originally Posted by Apathy View Post
IF you go wagoneer front you can keep the nissan rear end and keep 6 bolt pattern. But you will have to run a CV to the front. HP you don't have to.

if you go full width, get F100 axles and use the 9" rear. you can buy a 9" rear and build it cheaper than you can buy gears for a H233b.

Stay away from 78/79 F150 radius arm HPD44's. They have crap axle tubes.
Find a HPD44 from like 72 or so, then convert it to disk breaks.

I was just educating myself a bit more about the choices..

Running a CV to the front, any advantages or more disadvantage?

If I go full width, I should probably keep it that way? Someone did tell me I could shorten it, but recommended I only do that if I still plan on driving it on the road. Once I start the build, the only time it'll be on concrete is when I'm on my way out to the bush, or, it will just end up being trailered. But, the downside to throwing it on a trailer is I would have to either go fight for my old one back, or get another one. Then tow rig.. Mmmm Full Size. Anyways, decisions, decisions. So many to make, and I can't decide.
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