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Here's a story and a half for you folks. Been talking about buying a toyota for a while, when a guy from my shop said a friend of a friend was selling a '90 4runner. Checked it out and decided, "what the hell? What could possibly go wrong?". Well...

Had to rescue this one from the wrecker; She barely ran at all when I got it. Eventually found the problem: Timing belt had skipped and buddy I got it from just moved the distributor a tooth over . So I tore her down, rad was pretty rotten so I changed that, got the timing cover off, and the key holding the crank gear for the timing belt had sheared and was holding by rust and grit and horseshoes!!!
So, did the water pump while I was in there, changed the belt, gear and key, got her together and the starter wouldn't turn... time for some more hunting. Took me a while to find the starter relay, got it running.
OK, time for some wheeling, right? No such luck. I guess the guy had been running with a retarded engine for a while, slipping the shit outta the clutch and getting it good and hot... Guess what went SIX DAYS after the engine actually started putting out some push power...?
After fixing countless electrical problems in her, its almost a respectable unit for the time being... Unfortunately, a certain highway cop didn't think so, pulled me over and gave me an inspection notice. Why? NO MUDFLAPS on the truck! What a joke! I'm just lucky I work at a truck shop, the boys are giving me some slack. Still gotta replace my cracked windshield and mount some fender flares to pass inspection, so it's still at the shop until I can get some more money to put into it.

Here's a pic of the yoda more or less as it is now:

Still need to take care of a bunch of fender rust, replace the ifs with a solid axle,rear leaf springs, rear dif locker is in the mail, and of course putting slider bars and a winch on is a must down the road. Oh yeah, 37 or 38 for tires coming on after axle swap too !!!!

In the meantime, gonna run my buddy's jeep into the ground so he can pay me to fix it, so I can spend more on my truck in turn . That's probably the most reliable thing about jeeps - mechanics see you coming a mile away.
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