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Originally Posted by Explorer guy418 View Post
jon i know nothing from with a cummins.. but i stil say duramax and allison.. the dodge trannys are garbage

Again, depends on what transmission...

The G56 6 spd manual is a beast that will last as long as the cummins

The gas pots 545RFE / 454RFE on the 1500s are crap. Along with the 5 sp auto in the 03 - early 08s.

The new 68RFE on the 6.7 is supposed to be pretty damn good.

The allison is an awesome tranny, but you will cook a few durcraps in the meantime. The duramax is still a very unproven engine, the cummins is a notorius million mile engine, espeically the 5.9.

So all in all, if you are looking at the 03, get a 6 speed, nothing else. Unless you are gonna go with an new one with the 68FRE and the 6.7, but they get crap for gas mileage and still need tp be proven...
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