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Originally Posted by Honky View Post
It might be not because it is low on fuel but rather that the gas is “boiling” and when you relieve the pressure and put cold gas in it the temp goes back to normal.

I have done a TON of reading and that is a known problem
I don't think the gas is actually boiling, the noise you're hearing after working the 700 hard is the vent for the tank. Yamaha says their "fix" is to put a lower pressure vent, then it just happens sooner. 4600 km on mine and it hasn't caused a problem yet, just annoying sound. The 660's did have a vapour lock issue, but the EFI is high pressure fuel system, so not likely to happen.

As for the stalling, maybe it's time to take it to another dealer? I'll try to ask a buddy who works at the local shop.

Sell it and buy another Jeep.
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