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Originally Posted by harvester_sorrow View Post
Golf cart......

Most used quads will be ridden hard and put away wet
a lot of people get quads /sxs and don't abuse them they simply use them to get around because their bodies are old or failing or they just trail ride .(or used for work)

It really depends on who has owned them . if its just some retiree that used it for hunting and fishing or a farmer then it can be a great deal .
if its a quad used by a weekend warrior then wear and tear might be an issue . its no different for four x four trucks you wouldn't buy a truck from someone that beats vehicles and not expect it to be beaten also .

Things like oversize tires , after market skid plates, bent stuff etc are all things that might make you want to look at it closer . look for as close to stock as possible and sometimes older is better .
personally if you need two people I would look at sxs not a quad even the two up quads get pretty old fast for the passenger.
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