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Poker run?

We should do a poker run that auctually has a buy in and uses a poker hand, where u have to go all over Sylvester rd to certain locations and wheel to them, then u get a card, 5 locations, then meet back at a central location where the hands are delt and the winner gets some moolah, but it would have to be. Good buy in to make it worth it, like 40 dollar buy in and 20 goes to site,other 20 goes to winner,

What u guys think? We could have a BBQ as well, cook some dogs and burgers?

Depending on how many ppl show we might have to have a couple tables set up for the winners and then deal a new hand with the winners and they can have. One chance one hand nail it down for all the money?

Just a thought I've been toying with for a while,
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