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Are you trying to sign up for an account using HOTMAIL????

I’m getting a couple e-mails a day from people that are trying to sign up to FIBC but are having trouble. All of the trouble are because you’re trying to sign up with your hotmail account.

We had many problems in the past with people signing up with hotmail because the site has to send you a conformation e-mail to activate your account but Hotmail puts those e-mails in your junk folder. We were getting flooded with people asking why it was taking so long to get the conformation e-mail so we thought the best thing to do was to not allow people to sign up with a hotmail account. Now we are getting a bunch of e-mails a day from people asking why they can not sign up to FIBC at all. I think the site says the e-mail is banned. This does not mean you are banned it just means Hotmail is banned because we are having nothing but trouble with it.

We currently have 127 people that are waiting to complete their account and the majority of these people are using hotmail

If you are already signed up with a hotmail account you will not be getting the e-mails from us for things like upcoming events, site e-mails from other people, or other information that you might find interesting. I would highly recommend that you change your e-mail address to another account. You can do this in your “user CP” found at the top left of the page.

If you still need help getting set up with an account please send me an e-mail to

Thank you
Kevin aka HWA

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