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Storing and editing your pictures the easy way!

Digital camera’s are great for taking weekend pictures but organizing them and putting them on the web can be a pain in the ass. This is how I store and post my pictures and with this file structure I find it really easy to recall any picture in seconds taken years ago. I will also go over 3 easy steps in photo shop to make it easy for posting. If anyone would like a copy of the latest Photoshop send me a PM.

Storing your Pictures

You should set one folder for all your pictures called BACKUP. Under BACKUP each month should have it’s own folder and they in that month each time you go out should have a folder with what you did and a date. So in this example it shows:

Backup - Pictures April 2002 – Allterainers 04-21-02 stave-

Image Insert:


The most important thing is NEVER alter your originals. I have a sub folder for all pictures I resize and alter. The problem is a JPG is a compressed file and if you alter a compressed file and re-save it you will loose a lot of quality. ALWAYS work on your picture and SAVE AS to a new sub folder.

PhotoShop your pictures for the web

3 easy steps for getting your pictures ready for the web

1) Open your picture

2) on the top menu go to IMAGE – IMAGE SIZE:

First go down and change the RESOLUTION to 72 then go back up and change the WIDTH to 450

Click ok

3) File – SAVE FOR WEB (best button ever!)

Make sure under settings it is set to JPEG and Medium

Click save and save as a sub folder of your originals

Your done!!!

Hope this helps

HWA(Harry Whiteass), AKA Kevin

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