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Take the trailer and boat. Launch the boat in the Arctic Ocean just to say you did....

If you do tow the trailer up the Dempster, take Double layer cardboard and cover the rear windows on the camper.
Consider doing the same for windows on the drivers side.

There is no place to replace a window up north.

I lost a rear window on the camper 30k up the Dempster because of a bounce off the trailer.
Couple of trucks heading down offered up cardboard and duct tape otherwise I'd have been screwed with a camper full of dust...

Headed in to Dawson and there was nothing to be found, not even plexiglass

My wife ended up in an art supply shop and bought a plastic cutting board (arts and crafts type) I fit that in the hole with gasket maker, cardboard and duct tape.
Kept the dust out for the entire trip.

Painters tape or electrical tape to tape up the rear door/hatches to keep the dust out.
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