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winter camping give me a
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fall/winter hot tubs

I have been building camping hot tubs for years using copper in the fire

here is a link to some old ones I've built

Maybe because I've built so many I'm less motivated in spending the day setting it up, gathering wood, chopping wood, and keeping the fire stoked all day to be ready at night.

There has to be a better way

something that is easy to set up, fast to fill, and quick to heat.

This is where I'm at with my search

I'm looking for a used one of these with a broken pump/heater because all I need is the tub

Person capacity: 4-6
•Water Capacity: 254 gal.
•Filled weight: 2,701 lbs.
•Inflated size: 77” x 28”

for a quick fill and I also have other uses for this other then just a hot tub.
This does 140 litres per minute (31 Imp. Gal per minute)

To heat it quick I'm thinking this. it will heat the back of a shortbox truck in about 3 hours and will run the tub for two nights on 20lb propane


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