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Question Interest in LS engine swap combos

So a Buddy and I are thinking of starting a little side business under my Side Company both of us are Red Seal Auto Technicians by trade and have dealt with LS series engines and HP tuners.

We are thinking of getting lower mileage runner 5.3, 6.0 and possibly 6.2 chevy LS engines in the year ranges of 2001 - 2008 maybe newer depending on demand, and Setting them up for the common LS swaps.

We will have the Engines Cleaned up and Wiring redone, PCM's flashed with HP tuners and Adjusted to customer specs if wanted. Will also have engines rear main and front main oil seals replaced. Mileage will be disclosed with engine specs when put up for sale along with Compression readings and Oil Pressure readings.

Shipping Could be made avilable if needed.

possible packages would start at about (prices have not been agreed upon yet)

$2100 for 5.3 with basic tune

6.0 LQ4 with basic Tune 2600$

6.0 LQ9 with basic Tune 3200$

6.2 L92 (LS3 equivilant) with basic Tune TBD

The 5.3L & 6.0L GM engines are great engines for modern aftermarket projects. The 5.3L produces a legitimate 300hp, and the 6.0L LQ4, 300 - 325hp in stock form and the LQ9 345hp and the 6.2 L92 405hp.

so whats the interest out there?
Project : "Snowpache"

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