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This is a very positive thing!!!!

Please read this……..don’t skip over this…I know you wanna…

So many people put a lot of effort into keeping this site active and alive. Through organizing fundraisers and events to the people that come out and support. It takes people like you to help us make FIBC active, and to make it a fun place to socialize.

A special note of thanks goes out to Nick and Mandy who for the past few years has been our biggest fundraiser organizers and continues to come up with new idea’s!

One of the things that has always set us apart is that we have always been 100% non-profit. We have never had advertisement and we are accountable to no one other than ourselves. We keep an open accurate account of all money coming in and going out and it’s posted for review.

The basic cost to run FIBC a year is $700 and that is our goal to fundraise each year. Right now we are $170.00 in the hole before Pay Pal. Once again THANK YOU for your support through this newest Pay Pal fundraiser. You are making a difference!

Soon (in the next couple of weeks ) we will be setting up an open invite meeting where we will be talking about the direction of FIBC and brainstorming on how to make FIBC even better. We will be setting up a structure with chairs to be filled. Tinkerbelle has already stepped up and has now become our treasure…thank you Leah for that. I would like to be a full supporter, help maintain the site but take a couple of steps back so we can get some new energy and new idea’s.

This is a very exciting time for Funinbc!! We have a new website almost complete ( yes I know it’s been taking a while I can give an update on another post)We will be restructuring and moving forward with a new focus.

Best of all look for more events and cook outs and camp trips!

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