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Originally Posted by heythurr View Post
Cruising across craigslist like I do everyday while I'm at work, came across this ...

HOLY! Now this is a Rig I would love to rock ! Lots of work done, looks like he went similar to

If I had the money, I'd definitely be jumping on this.
completely different.

the pathfinder, is poorly done, i know who did it, he had all kinds of geometry problems.

and the pickup.. well.. he's probably sellling it because he realized that he hung his front end too far back, if your going to run tons and anything bigger than a 36 you have to push teh front forward a few inches. OR the tires will hit the cab. I had to trim the corders of my cab to run 38's..

just saying.....

the pickup has potential though.
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so, how was the dick?
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Salty as usual
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