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Originally Posted by ChodyGT View Post
update pic, alll cleaned up

ill have a shit ton of photos after the weekend-- im throwing my CB and PA in and 1500watts of bass.
nice, but please oh please, change the timing belt.. its the ONLY thing that will destroy that engine, and they are only 20 bucks. if you have never done it before it will take about 5-6 hours. I can do it in 2.5

process is
remove fan shroud
remove fan
remove radiator

remove belts and flop alternator and power steering pump to the side
remove cooling hard line
Get an impact and remove the lower damper.. DO NOT remove the small bolts.. just the 1 big one.
get a puller and pull the pully off.
remove timein belt cover
turn engine over til you get all your pully's lined up with the "dots" on the back of the timing belt cover.
the belts will have lines on them, they line up with the dots or punch marks on the cam pully.
The crank pully mark on the engine is impossible to see, so count the teeeth in the belt and make sure you its spot on. teeth count can be found in a service manual.
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so, how was the dick?
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Salty as usual
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