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The new Pathfinder

Fuck yeah! funny how being out of a truck for 2 years makes you excited for even a Nissan! The story is, a friend didn't want this anymore because of the problems it has, and the dealer wouldn't take a trade in on it.

The Good
Brand new 31x10.5 BFG all terrains
AR rims (need cleaning)
Airbags in back for towing
Paint in immac condition
drives perfect
power everything
5 speed

The Bad
Exhaust leak (will weld up this weekend)
needs air filter (dickface mech said running rich but didnt check the DIRTY ass filter)
Small leak at water pump seal( top up 2L every 750KM)

I love this thing, LOTS of ground clearence, great approach angles,short gears(what comes stock?) and decent looking. So far my only plans are a locker for the rear, this is my new daily so i need it somewhat econimical.

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