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Originally Posted by toyota81freak View Post
this is my project... new rust free cab.. tg 5" HD front leaves, nwor rears, disks in the rear, arbs front and back, 5.29s, vented rotors, ifs calipers, 87 22r, 5 speed, onboard air, waiting to get er driving before i put on the extended shock hoops, and new bilstien 5150 14" travel shocks.
its also got 2.5" exaust and a flowmast 40, and some 36" meats..

but now i need histeer, cause apperently the drag link rams the new ubolt flipkit...
and while im waiting for that i might as well get the duals kit and the allpro ebrake crossmember..

still not entirely sure what i want to to the the rear..

any ideas?

how do the golfers like yer junk piles

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