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well thanks for the info, I think I'll just leave well enough alone. I did really like my dancin' fool though
Hotlinking an image from another site is like plugging your fridge into your neighbours outlit. Its actualy illegal...its theft.

I remember your dancing hotlinked it from my site, but did it before i stuck in a no holinking code in my htaccess file that replaced the images hotlinked with another image....the warning image.

you wernt targeted by me....ya just got lumped in with all the other folks useing up my bandwidth

One day looked in my log files on my host and saw so many of my pictures opening up on other sites and had to stop it.

you used that smillie in a few posts....what happends is every time some one views that post the image is loaded from my site....some days it was loaded 50 times and thats just one image .

Best thing to do is to save the image ya like to your puter...then upload it to image shack or your own host then hotlink it from there.

Sites like image shack are images hosting sites that alow hotlinking...even give ya the address to the image right up front.
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