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Originally Posted by J20 View Post
holy shit dave thats a sweet cj ......................damn i want one
I am suprised I don't own one, I love the older CJ's. Dad used to bring home used jeeps on the weekends, and I got to bomb around our farm before I had a licence.

Originally Posted by fingers View Post
so truckstuff where ya know mo from?
I only know Mo because of are Toyota's we owned back then.

Originally Posted by TWOZEROFOUR View Post
Hey Truck stuff.. Love the Pic with tha Machine Gun and a fuc&kin bad ass hair cut!!!
LOL, Yeah them were the times.

Originally Posted by mista fitz View Post
Cedarvale? That's where my dad worked I believe... what's your dad's name?
Thats cool. Dave

"Four Wheel Drive is Like a Condom. Better to Have It and Not Need It, Than Need It and Not Have It."
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