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How to “link” pictures from other sites

Please post your pictures that you take on FIBC. We have lots of room for you to do this and it makes the pages load faster.

If you are posting a joke picture or a picture that the group might find interesting here is another way to post it in your thread.

Step one:
Go to the webpage were the image is. Right click on the picture and go down to properties

Step two:
Find where is reads address (url) and highlight the link that starts with http. You can highlight the link by a click and hold of your mouse button and drag it across the text until the link is highlighted in blue.

Step three:
Now that the link is highlighted hold down your Ctrl and letter C button to copy the link

Step four:
Come back to FIBC and in your post look for the image button at the top of the post you are making. Click on the image button and a box will come up that say “please enter your the URL of your image”. Click on the white space in the box and then hold down your Ctrl and Letter V to paste the link


Now you have linked an image from another site and pulled it into your post.

Hope this helps


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