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Honky 04-05-2005 10:09 AM

Posting pictures in the debriefing room
Feel free to post and share your adventures here! Please keep the width of your pictures to 600 and your resolution to 72

Please post your weekend adventures before Wednesday as every Wednesday I create the picture of the week. If you donít get your pictures posted by then they will get lost in the forum

Post only the ones that tell a story and if you have a really great picture post it under Best Picture of the Month contest to be entered for a prize.

Post details of the pictures you are posting like where and when they were taken and a caption for each picture.

If youíre an active member of Funinbc shoot me a PM and Iíll send you a copy of Photoshop to make it make it easier re-size and post.

The best way to resize and store your pictures :

How to post pictures :

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