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Squishy 01-20-2018 12:17 PM

Project poor mans SxS (Stock 94 toy)
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Bought it as a rollover and built a cage. All stock other than a welded rear and 5 point harnesses now, 22re 5 speed. She takes a beating like you wouldnt believe! Been rolled a couple times since the cage, one barrel roll, way too much fun.

harvester_sorrow 01-20-2018 12:46 PM

Awesome. Looks like fun toy

Timebandit 01-20-2018 03:59 PM

Looks like a fun toy to play in

vajayjay 01-20-2018 04:10 PM

All jeeps guys end up in a toy :D

Honky 01-21-2018 11:03 AM

Right on. that looks like fun!

Honky 01-21-2018 11:04 AM

I'm kinda surprise that more people don't do this

Always broke 01-21-2018 11:10 AM

Great idea looks like lots of fun!

Chopstick 01-21-2018 07:47 PM

we should take that thing down tesako rd lol

Burge 01-23-2018 02:43 AM

looking slick stranger

Squishy 01-23-2018 08:09 PM


Originally Posted by Honky (Post 1787706)
I'm kinda surprise that more people don't do this

I am to actually we use it way more than buddys arctic cat sxs, shorter roof height, and within an inch or so on the width of the cab, just wider outside-outside of tire. Gets better gas mileage too!
he says hed build one of these before he would spend 20k on another sxs after seeing what we put this thing through, and parts are cheap.

mini 01-26-2018 06:41 PM

Looks killer squishy

Trailjunkie 01-29-2018 09:06 PM

Nice . Beet it hard and cheap to fix right

youngun 02-10-2018 11:48 PM

I keep thinking of doing something like that with a Toyota. maybe one day when I have all my other projects done

epic3 02-13-2018 09:24 AM

looks like an f toy someone forgot to sas

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