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kootenaycat 11-26-2009 11:45 PM

New Truck
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Finally broke down and traded in the Hemi on a real truck. '06 Cummins with 45,000 km, wanted a manual trans but couldn't find one with the manual shift transfer case. Seems like it's either/or but hard to find both together. First upgrades will be a leveling kit for the front and an exhaust brake. Would like to lift it 4-6" and 37's but would be kind of useless for hauling the camper. :D Love the torque, I can see me getting some speeding tickets until I get used to it, especially climbing hills - it just wants to keep accelerating no matter the grade or speed I'm already doing. :D

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Attachment 118479

The Hemi, like this blue better but can't have everything! :D

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bigrig81 11-27-2009 12:10 AM

Nice rig!!!! ahh nothing like buying a new toy! congrats!


coreyg8 11-27-2009 11:00 AM

Awesome!! I think Im gonna buy somthing like that next year!

Jeepnut 11-27-2009 11:18 AM

should have bought my Chey..............

nice truck for a Dodge Kevin:cool:

crazydude 11-27-2009 05:42 PM

Nice, got me a year left I ll be getting in to some thing like that.

dirka dave 11-27-2009 09:06 PM

Nice looking rig dude !!

nate980 11-27-2009 09:53 PM

Nice truck!

bcsparky101 11-27-2009 10:29 PM

Good lookin unit... Like the blue... both of them..:)

kootenaycat 11-27-2009 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by Jeepnut (Post 1464665)
should have bought my Chey..............

nice truck for a Dodge Kevin:cool:

Thanks John! But isn't there a reason you're selling the Duramax? :D Shoulda bought a Cummins from the start - both me and you! :D

whazhappenin69 11-28-2009 02:02 AM

nice truck, congrats.[cheers]

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