View Full Version : A mini test/rescue run

07-01-2009, 10:56 PM
well the pics are form a lil over a week ago
my friend lee called me up because they were wheelin and two of them got stuck and his little zuki couldnt get them out and i had just finished fixing my tranny and front end so it was time to test is out

this guy i tryed to get out but had no place to pull too
any eventualy after dark we had another heep with a winch get him out
http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/5008/lucasstruck004.th.jpg (http://img43.imageshack.us/i/lucasstruck004.jpg/)

and joey was stuck just a bad but i got him in two good yanks
almost tearing my old stock bumper off in the prossess
http://img443.imageshack.us/img443/6444/lucasstruck005.th.jpg (http://img443.imageshack.us/i/lucasstruck005.jpg/)

and this is my buddy lee (he won the winch at national's open house)
his zuki is almost done the only thing left is gears i belive
http://img232.imageshack.us/img232/5522/lucasstruck006.th.jpg (http://img232.imageshack.us/i/lucasstruck006.jpg/)

and another shot of the heep
http://img32.imageshack.us/img32/3584/lucasstruck007.th.jpg (http://img32.imageshack.us/i/lucasstruck007.jpg/)

and joey's pretty truck tryin to get over to the jeep
http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/2005/lucasstruck009.th.jpg (http://img43.imageshack.us/i/lucasstruck009.jpg/)

and mine (i was the only one with a camera)
http://img43.imageshack.us/img43/3914/lucasstruck002d.th.jpg (http://img43.imageshack.us/i/lucasstruck002d.jpg/)

07-01-2009, 11:35 PM
Where did the blue jeep in the first pic think they were going??? lol

07-02-2009, 06:36 AM
Where did the blue jeep in the first pic think they were going??? lol

i am not quite sure
when i got their i said "why"

i guess they didnt know what a praticly stock vehical could doo or not doo

07-02-2009, 03:24 PM
stokes pit? your lucky the cops didnt come, they came a couple years ago when we were stuck in the lake at stokes, and made someone come and drive my truck out of the bush lol

07-02-2009, 09:30 PM
yeah i dont like wheeling their but they were stuck