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I've lived near Kelowna for the past 30 years, and most of my fun in BC is from mountain biking, hiking, photography, flyfishing and canoeing / kayaking. My wife used to have a Ford Ranger, followed by a 4-Runner, but we've had a minivan for the past 8 years because the sliding doors made dealing with more than one carseat a lot less awkward. Even though our youngest two are now almost out of booster seats, the third row of seats comes in handy for giving the three kids some elbow room and cutting down on fighting. It would be pretty tight to squeeze three kids and two booster seats into a single row on something like a 4-Runner. I've thought about vehicles like a Honda Pilot which has a third row, but the Sienna is an amazing minivan, so we'll stick with it for a few more years.

In addition to going camping with family, I've gone out rock crawling a few times with my little brother in his Toyota 4x4, although it's been quite a few years now since I last went out with him. He's spent the past four or five years working on his most recent truck, which is something I could never devote that much time to - I'll rebuild bicycles, or build kayaks, but would rather just buy a basic truck, and use it as a means of getting from the city to the wilderness.

My wife wants to get a truck again, so someday in the next few years, we'll probably get a truck that can seat five, and use it to go camping, flyfishing, woodcutting, hunting, and canoeing / kayaking in the Okanagan region. I'd really like to see ICBC start charging for insurance based on mileage, as I hate the idea of paying $1/km for insurance on a vehicle that might only get driven a few times a month. It would sure make it a lot easier to keep that second vehicle in the driveway.


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:welcome: one of the better intros seen in the past week or so

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Hey Darren...Welcome to FIBC great intro!!


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Welcome to the site Darren, :)

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oh thank god [cheers]

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Welcom Darren!

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Pictures of toyota please.

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:welcome: finally a better intro,

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No Doubt finally someone with a good intro .... Welcome Darren, great intro[cheers]
Pics ???

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titties please this is the entry fee