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04-25-2009, 04:31 PM
Hey ladies and gentlemen! Figured I'd sign up for the forum. I'm another 4runner owner, making quite the project outta this thing. Gonna be asking for opinions on a few things for her, and of course posting pics and notices for camping / wheeling trips when she's all back together! Feel free to ask for tech advise as well, been working as a ct mechanic for a while, I'll help if I can.

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welcome to the forum

04-25-2009, 06:11 PM
I guess I'm supposed to flap about the truck a bit, eh? I'm running a '90 4 runner, like I said. 2-door model with 6" suspension and a 4" body lift. I've got it on 35s for now with 4.88 gears, thinking of running 38s... we'll see though. 320k on the odometer, I've saved it from the wrecker, but I'm shopping around for a new motor for it. Original 3vze motor, looking for someone who's swapped out a good one I can pick up for cheap, but I might end up doing a 4.3 vortec swap instead. She's been parked at my shop for a while, took some ring gear teeth last month and I've been back in school, can't afford it today. Gonna put in a locker and locking hubs while I'm at it though :D.

I'm usually up the top of Johnson rd. at the power lines if I'm just going out for the afternoon, but I'm no stranger to stave, chilliwack and squamish. I love setting up camp and messing around for a weekend, but I've made some trail runs too. done a trip from boston bar through to meritt, to gas up and keep going through tulameen and beyond, what a beautiful trip that was! I've heard a lot about going from harrison to pemberton, would like to make that trip this summer, if anyone's up for it!

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Whats with the toyota[16]

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Welcome to the board!!! :)
Proceed with caution.

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Whats with the toyota[16]

Well, what can I say? Got a decent deal on it, and she gets me out and home again. Can't ask for much more than that. And most of my buddies I wheel with drive Jeeps. So they really like the toy when I'm rescuing their trucks too! :dontknow:

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i need toyota advice, your body lift sounds very cool. tell me more :D

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"tech Advise"