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03-27-2009, 03:06 AM
Hello everyone, I'm new... drr... I just bought my first 4X4 in the fall, it was supposed to be a winter beater while my lowered car was off the road.... then i had this profound thought... I will have more fun goning wheeling and camping then I will ever have going Fast and scarping on every speed bump in town.... so my Rig is a 86' Jeep Cherokee 2dr, I have procured a 6" lift for it and a 4.0L HO swap to replace the leak sauce 2.8L LR2 that came in it.... still need an AX-15 trans and a NP231 T-case for it, along with a laundry list of other misc. BS. I am in the process of stripping the doaner truck for parts, ie. lift, engine, etc. I am really bad for getting myself in to big projects like this and I'm 100% sure My Wife HATES it..... haha but thats half the fun.... So I hope to see you all out on the trail or up at postlill this May, truck should be ready...ish by then.... thanx for reading.


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Welcome XJClay! :)

Got pics of your Cherokee?

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Hey Clay welcome to FIBC


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Metal Mulisha
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