View Full Version : 95 f250

Explorer guy418
12-03-2008, 09:58 PM
what all can be used off of a 95 f250 dana 50 for a ford dana 60

12-04-2008, 08:29 PM
mayben hubs

12-04-2008, 10:41 PM
lug nuts haha

Explorer guy418
12-05-2008, 05:23 PM
lol. i was woundering about the brakes... maybe using for rear disc conversion... and hubs

FU Toolbag
12-05-2008, 06:23 PM
The springs?

12-05-2008, 10:10 PM
springs, shocks, locking hubs, rotors, calipers, maybe the wheel hub,

thats as far as the front d50 to the d60

look on pirate stop being lazy:dontknow: