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12-03-2008, 01:35 PM
Hey all, Not new to 4x4ing.. been doing it since i could drive.. Picked up my latest machine, a 94 zj ltd, about 2 years ago as a basket case. Spent the first year fixing everything while we drove it, then recently have gotten time to modify and upgrade.

During this whole time, my wife started driving it, and won't let me have it back.. Something about how it dominates the road, it's loud and the horn works.. (bit of a road rage case)

Currently it has 2" rancho springs all around, 31x10.5 Nokian Vatiiva M/T's on black offset steelies, 242 tc swap, Magnaflow muffler, no cat. Home made rock sliders, Front sway bar disconnects and boxed front lower control arm mounts.

I still get to take it out, most recently on the Okanagan Toy Run with bcjeepclub, and had a really good time.

Plans in the works are Clayton's Long arm with 5.5" lift and a 8.8 rear. Hoping to get most of that accomplished in 09'

Live in Oliver, have burned many miles in the back country here. Currently taking some time off work, and attending BCIT for some certifications for 2 weeks in December.

Hoping to get more trail time on the jeep, My daughter is finally old enough to endure camping trips.


12-03-2008, 01:38 PM
:welcome: lets see some pics of the wife

's jeep

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Hey Wilder...welcome to FIBC...see ya out there


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Metal Mulisha
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were full

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were full


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:welcome: , good luck trying to get jeep back from wife , now you will have to buy her a newer one [cheers]

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were full

just dont have the same ring to it :dontknow:

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i WAS maki a attempt to find out what this" being nice" was about, but.......

fuck off we are full and dont want you here

is that better mrs. tuna

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well were supost to be nice to the newbies now [16]

so how about _ _ were full

at least this way we can fill in the blanks when we read it :dontknow:

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