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10-12-2008, 10:10 PM
so i just started driving my 94 f250 turbo diesel with the international 7.3 i was just wondering i anyone could tell me a little more about this its my first time owning a diesel

im having trouble with my fuel return lines off the injectors i fix one and i guess the wiggling of them i ****ed the next one and so on but when i tried to fix them they wont seal so im going to change all of them is there any line or clamp that are better so i wont have this problem anymore ?

what kind of gas milage should my truck be getting i know its leaking but i just want to know what i should be able to get out of my truck when i have fixed it

also my running lights will not turn on is there a fuse that i can check for this or relay that could be checked im thinking it could just be some crap wires so ill have to do some wire tracing

any help will be great thanx!

Redneck Lincoln
10-13-2008, 09:10 AM
you can get a kit for the fuel return lines from ford its quite cheep and comes with everything. or go to your local international dealer (I.R.L) cause they can get everything for your engine. if they wont help you and your down in abby/chwk area call TEK TRUCK, we will be glad to help ya!!