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Cool stuff

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totally awesome dude:party0010:

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u suck read this and try again ....................
Welcome to Fun in B.C

Say Hi:
Make a post to introduce yourself and tell us a little about yourself, If you have a truck what kind, hobbies, where you live, and if you’re a girl are you hot.[5]

What is this site all about?:

This site is all about having fun in Beautiful British Columbia. So far we've talked about 4x4 , camping, fishing and hunting but this is Fun In B.C so it's about anything that you think is fun in the outdoors of B.C.

Skiing, Scuba diving, biking, hiking, canoeing, etc it's all good!!

We are not a club although we have a lot of club members here. Our philosophy is no rules, no dues, no meetings, no politics! When we're not out having fun we are spending our time on this site planning the next 4x4 trail or event. This is a very friendly accepting group and we have a large mix of people and ages and we plan events to include families wherever possible. Everyone is welcome to join us so look at the upcoming events to see what's in the works.

This is a 100% non-profit site. You will not see advertisements or money donations. No form of advertizing is allowed without prior consent. We make our money to cover the events, prizes and site cost by cooking up and selling hotdogs and hamburgers at the events. We will also soon have T-shirts, stickers and calendars for sale.

This a loosely run board and as you saw when you signed up there are only two rules, if you can call them that. Feel free to say whatever you like but please keep it in taste as we have younger kids reading this site. We do have rooms for the non-politically correct and in there the gloves come off but again all in fun.You will also notice that the insults are high and the politics are low. We have a strange sense of humour so please don't take what is said as a personal attack. Most importantly post as if you are standing in front of the group. This site is extremely active and you will be meeting these same people at the events.

Levels of posting:
To get a picture under your name you need to be a full voted member. To get into the "Members" rooms you need 200 posts and come out too meet everyone.

The vote can to be put up by anyone in the member’s room. The person should be someone that knows you. We do it that way because not everyone can get out to the local events so as long as you are active in your own group then it’s all good. You don’t have to have a 4x4 The key is that you are out enjoying B.C. and want to be apart of the site by helping out when you can.

Don't be a Post whore by posting one word or one letter replies! Don’t be in a rush to get to 200 posts. We set it at 200 so we get to know you. The vote to get into the other rooms is based on your posts as well as getting out and meeting some or all of the group.

Humor will get you along way with this group which is not hard to come by as most people here are funny look’n

To post a picture look here http://www.funinbc.com/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=4916

The funinbc banners are for anyone who is in the members rooms. The cost of the stickers are $5.00 with 100% going towards the site cost and prizes. All site operating cost and money collected are listed in the member’s room.

If you have an idea or a suggestion on how we can improve the site please speak up.

This site will only grow with your help. Post lots and have fun!!

Disclaimer… READ!

This site does not condone drinking and driving on or off road. DO NOT DO IT. We also accept no responsibility for any action taken by members or visitors to this website. Modifying your vehicle and driving on/off road is dangerous and you do so at your own risk.

If you join us on any event, 4x4 drive, camping trip etc you do so at your own risk.

This is not a club but rather a meeting place. There is no one in charge and therefore there are no rules or guide lines. Everyone that participates accepts responsibility for their own actions.

This site does not condone any illegal or dangerous activity

Be responsible and safe and most important have fun!

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07-30-2008, 09:13 PM
Cool stuff

You suck! Check out the sticky![16]

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Metal Mulisha
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Beat it. Get the intro right, then maybe you be allowed in:welcome:

paul jr
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ahhh now i see what Fun in Bacon Bc.com is all aboot,,,,,lol

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You tell him, tough guy.

With a generic intro like that, I'm thinking spambot?