View Full Version : Trouble with my bronco.

05-21-2008, 11:45 PM
Hey guys,
the other day while driving to work, I started to get some pretty bad vibrations in the truck, A little more than usual, but I did not suspect anything major.

About 100 feet down the road, I see my T-case shifter going bat shit crazy, and i fear for the worst,
All of a sudden I get this horrible clunk and instant loss of power.
Instantly, the word transmission comes to mind.

I roll to a stop sticking about 2 feet into the street.
Not even 2 minutes later, this guy in another bronco pulls up infront of me, and takes a look underneath....

I've never been so relieved.
The bolt from the t-case to the driveshaft came off and it fell off in the road.
Peeled up some of the road in the process, but relief nonetheless.

It's nice to see there is some nice people in this world, buddy who is late for work, goes way out of his way to tow me out of the street, help me get the driveshaft off, and even follows me home just to be sure.

The bronco is now FWD until I can get the broken u joint replaced.

any pointers to help smooth out the operation?


05-23-2008, 09:48 PM
Well first off what year of bronco do you have ? if its only the u joint that is messed up and nothing else then hammEr out the rest of the old one sockets are nice to do this with but you can mess them up and its nice to have all new bolts to put the Driveshafts back on to the yoke I went to coast power train for all of my bronco parts because it seemed that nothing on my truck was the same as it should be and they have offset u joints and everything down to new bolts for the yoke depending on your year and they are good guys as well hope that helps?