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Crash Vr6
05-09-2008, 01:05 PM
http://www.funinbc.com/forum/C:%5CDocuments%20and%20Settings%5CMike%5CMy%20Docu mentsBeen around for a while, and have had a few trucks.

Most people know me as the asshole with the Booger green CJ-5, but I've had a couple of Toyotas since then. I do still miss the Jeep though.

I currently have an 85 Toy with a bunch of goodies including a 7MGE, Dual cases, ARB/Detroit setup with The Bobby Long's, Hydro assist, and OBA to fix what is usually broken.

Might end up with 4.3 Vortec and 60's though...

http://www.funinbc.com/forum/C:%5CDocuments%20and%20Settings%5CMike%5CMy%20Docu mentshttp://www.funinbc.com/forum/D:%5CBike%20Photos%5CWheeling%20pics

redneck princess
05-13-2008, 10:13 AM
:D Welcome to FIBC :D

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06-07-2008, 06:55 AM
hey...seen you on the trails...see ya again...welcome...