View Full Version : Propane system salvage?

04-16-2008, 10:00 PM
Is it worth the effort to rip the complete propane system out of a car headed to the scrap heap? (3.6L buick v6)

04-16-2008, 10:04 PM
depends on the system, tanks are usually worth a bit depending on the size, hoses are worth a bit to buy, not to much to sell, dont know about the mixer because well... no idea what size that would have, is it dual tank or single?

04-16-2008, 10:08 PM
Not sure but if you find one for a 90's ford id take it.

04-16-2008, 10:16 PM
Dual tanks....

It's not going to cost me anything but time to pull it.....

04-16-2008, 10:17 PM
ill give ya 20$ for a valve out of it if its the right one haha, i need the splitter valve that goes inbetween teh 2 tanks and then goes out to the lockoff, and i could porbably use a few hoses, id say it is worth it

04-16-2008, 10:22 PM
burn it alll

04-16-2008, 10:22 PM
...... Although, I don't have a weak stomach, I gagged pretty good when I opened the door the other day. The rats were shitting all over the inside and man did it stink bad.....

04-16-2008, 10:26 PM
where abouts do you live? if you did wanna gut it id definatly take a few parts off your hands

04-16-2008, 10:33 PM
The car is here in surrey.

I'll pull it apart and go from there....

04-16-2008, 10:34 PM
allright, well let me know when its apart