View Full Version : Team Losi Micro-T tech

03-14-2008, 05:40 PM
Since I bought my Micro-T I didn't like how it jumped: The backend was too heavy on the springs and it would bottom out and bounce the car over forwards on pretty much any jump, except ramps.

So today I took two little Zipties (the really little ones, mine are red. ;) ) and wrapped them around the top of the rear shocks, after pushing the springs down.

It helped alot on the dragging ass over bumps problem, I hit the border between the carpet and lino in the kitchen at top speed and it launches nicely and doesn't front flip as easily now. It also helped accleration on carpet because it doesn't drop the rear down so far. Should really help matters when I go to a Li-Po battery and brushless motor in the near future.

Just a little helpful advice to add to this forum, instead of just pictures. [cheers]