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03-06-2008, 08:38 PM
:D Here are our 3 remotes. All work and run great
Super Blackfoot. I have had this for about 15yrs.:party0010: It has always run great. Never had to replace any gears, just some suspension parts..The original body was destroyed after about the 1000th rollover/crash.[36] It now has a rigid plastic body with a roll cage. Multiple tires,( road ,mud/snow, ice and sand). The ice tires are actually muds with small finishing nail pushed threw the inside. A couple of mods to better resist the concrete.
The Raminator and Hummer are Radio shack specials.
The charger I have for them I got in the US about 18 years ago.You can charge off the 12V batt,cig lighter or AC plug in 15 min.Has an attach for a voltmeter .6 or 7 cells,and a discharge to make sure your batteries are dead.
Although a quick connect directly from your 12V to the battery is a litle quicker.:vroam:

The Raminator