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02-05-2008, 10:33 AM
hey hows it going my names brandon. i have an 86 xj with a re budjet boost and 31s. i am soon to be installing my cb,rocksliders and bumpers.so far i have done all the work myself (with help from friends along the way).as for the rocksliders i have seen a few different designs but am thinkin of cuttin out my rockers (as they have some desent damage) and weldin in a 2x4 chunk of metal. if anybody has any suggestions i would sure like to hear it.but i have seen this method done and think it looks preety good. besides legalitys of course.so i am pretty wraped up in the jeep project but i also am into heavy metal and playing guitar.i also enjoy going out for a fire and some drinks.i am apprenticeing heavy duty mechanic.so this helps to have a place to do work on the jeep.my future plans for the xj include 2-3inches of lift,change the stupid cv front drive shaft,get those cool metal tailight houseings from rustys,and build a roof rack to tie into the bumpers and sliders. among other upgrades like lockers,air comp,thr bdy spacer, and run my air intake through my firewall into the pass side behind the dash.so ya im really into 4x4in meetin other people that do too. see ya out there.

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welcome to the funny farm, you'll never be the same again


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...i also am into heavy metal ..

He will be happy to hear that :D

redneck princess
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:D Welcome :D

Hello Kitty
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if you have any photos of dead animals please post them.


Dirty Girls
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:welcome: to the real world.[cheers]

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He will be happy to hear that :D

ha ha :confused0006:

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Yo man, Bout time you got up on the board. Get ready to be Shit on. [cheers]

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Get ready to be Shit on. [cheers][/quote]
ya man thats what i been seen hahaha[22]

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...i also am into heavy metal ..

He will be happy to hear that :D

Come out swingin eh Brandon. We see what team your batting for. bat1 :vroam:

I will be up and running shortly.

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Welcome .... [cheers]

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