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01-23-2008, 09:56 AM
1) OK, so i have an 85 yota pickup and I'm looking to lift the front a bit more. I have the chevy 63's on the rear but not i need to bring the front up a bit. I have been looking at the skyjacker 7" lift springs but I'm wondering if anyone has dealt with these and think there worth it. I Plan on the 7" as i have longer shackles in the rear and plan on running a block so both should be pretty close to the same height at the end of it. I also have a set of high hoop shock mounts on the way and 14" blistein 5125 shocks. So they should work well together i'm hoping. Just wondeirng what the best set up would be

Cheapest i have found the springs is about 150 U.S. each, I'm also a little cheap and am wondering if this would be the best bang for my buck or to do something like rears up front? But even with them I'm not sure how much lift i would get.


2) For the rear when I block it should I buy toyota lift blocks and chevy ones? or will it make a difference?

sorry for the questions i just don't want to get something and then find out it would work
thanks for your help[cheers]

01-23-2008, 01:34 PM
why so much lift?

get a couple sets of used stock toy leaf springs. mix and match and make yourself 1 set of springs. make or buy a drop spring hanger and put longer shackles on. that'll lift the front of your truck 3-4 inches, and flex awesome. also it moves the axles forward, giving you more room for bigger tires without so much lift. you will need high steer though. But it you wanted to run 7inches of lift you'd need that anyway.

im putting chevies in my toy, how much lift did they give you?

01-23-2008, 07:14 PM
check out www.marlincrawler.com and look at their springs, wqe hav used them on a few customers trucks and i have a set for my new project aswell. dont go bigger than a 5" spring cuz it will look gay other wise, get rid of thoes rock anchor 63's while your at it. and dont run a block or sshackle longer that 6" max. if you dont wanna go new springs, s10 rears work quite well in the front of mini trucks. another common spring is the rancho 44044's used on wagoneers. im not trying to bag on your plan or anyhting just talking from experiances.

all in all my 2 favorite set ups have been either the marlin 4" front and rear, or waggies or s10s front and s10 rear.
both give a nice stance and wicked flex, and thoes are with a 5.5" shackle

01-24-2008, 05:07 PM
thanks for the help guys, i ended up going for a 5' trail gear spring and a 5" shackle. I think the next thing now is going to have to be high steer.

01-24-2008, 08:24 PM
the trail gears will end up like a 3 in a few months of use, and 5 inch shackle may hbe too long for a front, but hopfully it works out for you