View Full Version : to fenco or not to fenco id say ...to not!

01-15-2008, 05:04 PM
well about 11- 13 months ago i put in a new ( not rebuilt) fenco water pump. and thats were my prob began..... Id hear squeelin of the belt and odd noises over the last week or so been goin through things simplest to k now im takin stuff off..... after goin through everything i started to take stuff off lookin at pulleys pumps anything that could be siezed.... and then i saw it fuckin bearing comming out of the front of my water pump....
awesome!!! was thinkin hope not too much fucked in there cause of it...

well the impeller had worked its way within a 1/32 of coming though the front of the pump it machined its way alomost all the way though the front so I said fuck it got a pump from ford 10$ more than a jobber and since the stock one lasted 200000 kms with a done motor and the fenco lasted 20000 i said ill go with the ford one..........flushed the motor twice and was still gettin aluminum deposits comin out.... after a 3rd its good
but thats a good chunk of day day changin a crappy junk part that if i didnt catch it in time could have made a sweet mess when it came through the front...

just telin this story incase anyone is gonna replace somethin with a fenco part this isnt the forst time i have had aprob with their parts but will be the last ill never do a fenco anything everagain.... just my 2 cents... p.s
the last two pics are my oem one i orig replaced and the freco junk one so u can see how far the impeller went in......yummy

Redneck Lincoln
01-15-2008, 05:11 PM
fencogo fuck yourself

01-16-2008, 04:31 AM
that blows and I agree fenco sucks