View Full Version : Dodge rims, someones gotta know something

11-26-2007, 02:41 PM
so i have a 2002 dodge 1500, and it came with some aftermarket 17s, and i sold them, bought some 20s, and then i got some stock rims for the winteer, we'll they rub... cuz its got a lift.. anyways, im wondering if anyone out there has steel 17s 5 on 5.5 or somethign that will work, im going to try wheel spacers when they come in, and see if that helps.. but im thinkin steel is a different shape then the alum. ones, so it might clear, i just need a LITTLE bit of room, anyone else have any ideas on what to do? maybe some after market rims out there? i dont know.. im in a pickle