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08-01-2007, 10:19 AM
Samurais and Swifts are very similar vehicles when it comes to their motors, is anything else the same or compatible? GT/GTi Swifts have rear discs for instance, has anyone done a rear disc swap from a GT to a samurai?

Also, there are numerous known (to the Swift community) brake modifications/swaps for better braking performance that could be very benefitial to you sammy guys, if the calipers and rotors are similar.

For instance - a GT caliper has identical mounting points as a Honda CRX caliper, all you need is two hard washers to space it right and you have 30% more braking surface...AND there is a LOT of aftermarket support for honda stuff (IE, high end calipers etc)

I have a Swift GT and a Turbo Sprint, both with similar but different brakes, and my buddy has a Samurai, perhaps in the upcoming weeks we'll get down to measuring things and seeing what, if anything, is compatible...assuming everyone already doesn't know this stuff.

Also, has anyone tried putting a Sprint 1L(or Turbo 1L - with FI) in one of those little sammys? the uhh... LJs or whatever, the ones with the 800CC motors or so.
I have a complete top end from a turbo 1L, MAF, Intercooler, Intake, fuel rail and injectors - has anyone thought about putting something like that on a 1L~ sammy? It would need a wiring harness and computer, but I mean, fuel injection man.

08-01-2007, 07:44 PM
my old high skools swift had 125 horse then he put nos in it. it really lightened too. very kool...no turbo

08-01-2007, 08:42 PM
other than motor parts I don't believe much would be compatible,
brakes on samurais will already be bigger, a rear disc swap is possible no matter what you wanna use/do,

For what its worth the 1.0L will bolt up to a 1.3L transmission, You'll run into firewall issues with teh distributor on teh 1.0l, I measured it all out, or you can move everything forward, another pain, so in the end ya may as well stay with your 1.3 or go with a 1.6l.

Alternators, starters, and many other motor parts all swap over from the 1.0l which is nice,


08-01-2007, 10:19 PM
Yeah, I know the alternator is the same for sure..radiator sure looks similar. Sprint electric fans would work pretty well on a samurai I think.

Oh, and will the brakes on a sammy be bigger? I had a look at some trackers when I was at Gary's last and the brakes looked pretty similar, the calipers did anyway. The GT brakes are pretty big... IE, you have to run a 14 inch rim to clear the caliper