View Full Version : Safe shackle length

get stuck
07-07-2007, 11:54 PM
what is the longest i should go with my front shakles on my full size dodge . i need as much extra lift over stock as i can with out screwing anything up.

kyle [cheers]

07-08-2007, 12:30 AM
12" shackles are safe with a square tube body lift[cheers]

m j
07-08-2007, 12:36 AM
I ran 7" long on the front of my chevy
shackles for lift are stupid
I needed them that long to clear the frame and let the springs move

07-08-2007, 01:54 AM
You're right, lifting with shackles is STUPID. He'd be much better off to take the left over box tube from his body lift and cut it to size to put between the axle & springs like a lift block. Much safer and more effective to get the lift.

A 1" longer than stock shackle only gets you 1/2" of lift and fawks up your pinion angle and caster in the process. So to get the 4" like you would with the box tube blocks you'd need close to a 15" shackle (depending on how long the stock ones are)

get stuck
07-08-2007, 12:59 PM
well thanks for the help i guess i will just leave them stock

get stuck
07-08-2007, 01:02 PM
righ tnow im actauly trucking to fix the guy i bought the truck offs fuck up he had a 8 inch drop hanger for the front springs with a foot long shackles