View Full Version : D44 high steer and disc brake conversion, with ford 5x5.5

Mr Vic
06-27-2007, 11:42 AM
not sure what stub axles I need to use for this conversion..?? :confused0006: anyone done this before or have a link to some info? much appreciated. [cheers]

I have chevy stub axles available. pretty sure I can use the chevy stub axles but I don't know if they are too long or if I have to use ford or Jeep stub axles as they are little bit shorter than the chevy parts. axle stub lengths are 9.72"(ford) or 9.94"(chevy), scouts stub are 8.72" and different spline that wont work with the warn hubs.

here are the parts I am using.

scout d44 housing
scout inner axles
Chevy flat top knuckles
Chevy caliper bracket
Chevy small bearing spindle
ford inner/outer wheel bearings and seals
78 ford hub/rotor assembly
warn hubs.