View Full Version : distributor? coil? wont stay running?

05-31-2007, 02:15 AM
alright heres the deal, drove from langley to mission headin up to fire creek to take the ladies tannin cept when i came up to the gravel road i downshifted to slow for the potholes , in between shifts its stalled out, figureing the little 2.8 carbuerated engine couldnt take the heat i let it sit to cool for a while, since the valve covers were too hot to touch, not without a blister anyways. so about an hour later it was cool enough to touch, but it still wouldnt start, so i figured okay, started doing the process of elimination, fuel, air, spark plugs, distributor, coil,... no spark to the spark plugs, distributor was a little dirty, cleaned it up, checked for spark, spark everywhere now, so i jumped back in the truck fired it up... HEY it runs! :D so i left it idling, packed up my tools got everyone back in the truck. blah, stalls out again, alright everyone back out. this time, theres still spark everywhere, still lots of fuel getting in, dumped in fuel into the carb to be sure, it turns and turns but doesnt fire, sometimes when it turns it will turn and suddenly come to a stop, almost like it siezed or something, or something was stopping it from turning, then i would take my hand off the key , and back on and it would turn again, then Wammo, it would stop again, like someone is cramming a pry bar into the flywheel or something. i dunno, i towed it back to town and thats where it sits till i come up with a better idea. we checked all the connections , spark everywhere , coil is running properly,.. fuel, air,. i dunno man. i can get it to run if i keep my foot to the floor and turn the engine, it will Rev up ( only up once ) and as SOON as i take my finger off the key to turn the starter the engine shuts off and winds down .. dunno man.

06-12-2007, 10:09 PM
check ignition switch and you could try leaving the key in the run position and jumping the solinoid to see if you got spark that way i had this sort of problem on my old b-2 and it was the wireing on the driverside you will see a plug with a red and white wire i lost power on one cant remember wich one but it was the ignition side not the start side so i had to find a different source for ignition power to the engine.

06-12-2007, 11:20 PM
pull the ignition wire off the distrib cap.
crank engine
if it spins freely and then stops spinning normally (not a jerking halt), then replace the cap and rotor.
most likely you cracked the distributor cap.
buy a MSD cap and rotor, they're cheeper and work better than stock ones.

if it's getting that hot under the hood check your coolant system, coolant temp when running, oil level, exaust manifold gaskets (for loose bolts or cracks in the acutal gasket or manifold), oil pressure.