View Full Version : AX5 on its last legs

Mr Vic
05-17-2007, 11:33 PM
tranny in my jeep is about to go. syncro gears are almost gone and won't be long before the trans packs it in. ax 5 is NOT worth rebuilding so i am looking for some advice what to do. called around to see what price for a used ax5, $500 is the starting point and gets higher..

i have a 305 TBI motor that was a runner when pulled and is collecting dust.. i have a line on a old jeep t90 and dan 18 with twin stick that has been rebuilt and comes with chevy belhousing all ready to bolt up.

i don't know much about the old jeep stuff and i am seriously considering this trans/tcase as it is the cheapest setup i can find right now that is in good shape. it is pass drop but i have a scout d44 that will be rebuilt eventually.

Mikey and everyone whats your thoughts on this? waste of time and $$ or go for it?

05-20-2007, 11:23 AM
Those trannys do suck, my truck is getting its 3rd tranny soon, along with an another engine. Im not too sure what it would cost to do that all that with your jeep, but it sounds cool. wouldnt that be too much power for the rear axle?

05-21-2007, 12:45 AM
You won't be happy with the T90 either reasonably strong tranny but only a 3 spd 1st gear sucks nowhere near low enough and the dana 18 is offset rear drive as well so that sucks pain in the ass to get a rear end that will line up right and the stuff is way to old and antiquated you will NOT be happy with that set up.

my best suggestion to you is to get a good used AX5 and put that in for now you can use one from a TJ is pretty much a straight swap change the bell housing and input bearing retainer or one from an XJ and swap the tail housing and shift tower and depending on the year of the XJ the bell housing and input bearing retainer as well.

Mr Vic
05-21-2007, 02:18 PM
Thanks Mikey apprecaite the info! i saw the cheap price on the trans and tacse and figured it might work. its a bummer not driving my jeep and just want to get something driving again.

in the long run i want to have a sbc and make use of the dana 300/d44/ford 8.8 i have done nothing with for the last year and half. spending over a grand to get another ax5 in the jeep feels like i'm throwing money away if i will eventually rip it out for a better drivetrain. should just pul lthe 4 cyl motor out so i have no choice but to get the v8 and other parts in there