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mista fitz
05-14-2007, 11:47 AM
Nanaimo River is SO wicked in the summertime.. swimming, cliff jumping.. swimming through tunnels in the rock.. checking out crayfish and salmon who inhabit the river.. I'm there 3 or more times a week in the summer.

Anyways.. camped at one of our favorite spots on Saturday night.. a few pics:





Yo head is on fire d00d!


05-14-2007, 11:48 AM
Keep those pictures coming!!!!!!! Awesome!!

05-14-2007, 11:50 AM
Whoa those pics look so nice

05-14-2007, 11:54 AM
what are doing / using for those picss????? filter ???

05-14-2007, 12:11 PM
look so nice there nice pics[cheers]

Redneck Deluxe
05-14-2007, 12:19 PM
wow those pic are soo nice... how you do it?

mista fitz
05-14-2007, 12:31 PM
Use a tripod - long exposure, and picture must be taken early in the morning, or at dusk, or the sky and highlights will be blown out white.

Also, a few of these are stitched from multiple pictures to make an ultra-wide angle shot.

No filters... but I wonder if there is such a thing for doing this style of photo during the day? *googles*

edit: A neutral density filter might help achieve the effect.. but I haven't tried it.

05-14-2007, 12:47 PM
Those are great pictures. [cheers]

05-14-2007, 02:37 PM
yeah nice pics. they almost look like paintings

Redneck Deluxe
05-14-2007, 04:07 PM
i didnt understand any of that but they look nice

05-14-2007, 04:08 PM
wow those pictures look awsome...the water almost looks fake..

05-14-2007, 08:19 PM
Awesome pics man I would love to see the full res versions of them. Never spent a whole lot of time on the island, This summer its for sure in my books

mista fitz
05-14-2007, 10:30 PM
It's the long exposures that make the water look that way - no photoshop here !

@Trooper www.flickr.com/photos/fitzpics for bigger versions!

05-14-2007, 10:57 PM
Those are some really nice shots, what kind of camera are you using? Cheers!

05-14-2007, 10:59 PM
Cool pics, gonna try that soon myself.
Lots of cool off-roading over there in Nanaimo.[cheers]

mista fitz
05-15-2007, 08:43 AM
Those are some really nice shots, what kind of camera are you using? Cheers!

Maybe it's just me, but I get this question ALL THE TIME.

Whoa - your CAMERA takes cool pictures.. what kind is it?
Let me just say it is a 5-6 year old digital that gets really poor reviews online!

Proving the point that it's not the camera - it's the experiments, it's the vision, it's the obsessive amounts of photos taken. It's the creativity. It's anything BUT the camera.

I could reproduce these pictures with almost any digital camera on the market today, really.

Sorry for the rant - it's a Minolta D'image 7. Get one on ebay for $150 or less :p