View Full Version : VI in langley

05-13-2007, 05:51 PM
looking for a place to get my VI done in Langley, anyone have a good spot?

05-14-2007, 09:17 PM
I think Crappy Tire does them

05-14-2007, 09:38 PM
yeah crappy tire does em.

05-14-2007, 10:39 PM
i think sport trucks unlimited ?

Ginger Snaps
05-14-2007, 11:01 PM
yeah sports truck does them

oh ian my work does them aswell im pretty sure ill double check and ill give you a call

05-15-2007, 10:32 PM
thanks matt. if ford cant check me out, ill try sport trucks

Ginger Snaps
05-15-2007, 10:51 PM
let me know ill go talk to the truck shop see if they can get you in asap