View Full Version : Interchangeable parts sj410/413

04-19-2007, 05:44 PM
Does anyone know what parts are an identical swap on these 2 makes? I've got an '81 410 in reasonably rough shape and am looking at buying a newer 413. I'm interested in body/running gear. thanks

sj-x 500
04-19-2007, 07:11 PM
the grille, engine, tranny, t-case, axles, and spring packs are different.

the interior is all different as well.

04-19-2007, 10:50 PM
So, are all 3 doors interchangeable? How bout the glass?

sj-x 500
04-20-2007, 07:58 PM
glass yes, doors yes, i see you have a tin top, the rear door will only work on a tin top sammi

04-22-2007, 01:18 AM
Yeah, I'm really torn between an tin top or a soft top. I had a soft top once and it kept getting slashed or ripped, and they're alot louder. But they're just so damn cool, take off the doors, top, fold the windsheild... In life, sometimes we have to make difficult choices...

05-03-2007, 09:27 AM
The only thing the same on them running gear wise is the width of the diff.